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Posted on: 04/26/18
Middle East Christians are in serious danger. However to really understand this we must consider the context of the whole region. Sectarian division, the absence of authentic democracy, security, respect for civil rights and legality: these elements affect all the people in this unstable region where religious identity and political identity are inextricable from. Unemployment, despair, illegality, desperation, injustice and thirst for vengeance, are the real recruiters of terrorist groups rather than controversial phrases from the Koran. The more government institutions crumble, the more grow sectarianism, fear and hatred towards those who are different. The West must realise that its battle is against terrorism, not Islam. The solution for the life of Christians in the Middle East will be achieved only by working to stabilise the situation for all the different ethnic and religious groups in the fairest way possible. written by Luigi Ginami, San Paolo editions 2018)
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